Payroll software provides accurate calculations and is fully compliance with Cyprus laws and regulations. Provides powerful reporting facilities: electronically customised and government reports including IR7, IR63 and Social Insurance Disk File. It is also adaptable for hotels and can be suited to manage Job Costing Hours, Human Resource information and Leaves maintenance.

User Interface

• Greek-English version by pressing a key.
• On-line help and Tool-tip-text support.


• Unlimited payroll types with individual rules
• Any pay method combination (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc)
• Categorisation by Department, Section/Cost center, Occupation.
• Extra 2 levels of user definable categories.
• Employee’s Photo.
• Unions support(availability to belong to up to 3 unions).
• Financial and income tax data (IR59).


• Allocation.
• User definable Earnings, Deductions and Contributions.
• Upper, Low and yearly limits for all emoluments.
• Up to date Income tax regulations.
• Import of time-sheets.
• Advances.
• Normal, 13th and 14th salary calculations.
• Arrears calculation.
• Termination Salary calculation.
• Bank deposit file for all Banks.
• Increase salaries module.
• Provision for leaves,13th & 14th salary.
• Full changes tracking.


• Extensive reporting.
• IR7,IR63 & IR61 printed/electronic format .
• Social Insurance disk generator.
• Build in Report generator.
• Customisable Payslip.
• Letter Generation routine.
• Labels printing.
• Export to various files formats.
• Interface with almost all existing Accounting systems.


• Multi-user.
• Multi-company.
• Job Costing.
• Salary’s analysis by Ratio .
• Print Cheques.
• Loan Maintenance.
• Leaves Maintenance.
• Scales for Government and non- Government organisations.
• Special Version for Hotels.